A Si-02 protective spray sealant added to the vehicles once it has been full washed, for best results spray onto the vehcile when it is wet, rinse the whole vehicle until the product has been washed away. 

Do not apply in direct sunlight as this will result in the paintork been stained


10 stars - Gloss

5 stars - Protection 

10 starts - Easy To Apply


diluation ratio is:

100ml - Product

900ml - Water

Drip | Si-02 Sealant |

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    We specifty on each and every product to ensure the ulitimate cleaning achievments are carried out. We also take into account about your safety, using any cleaning product can be dangerous if it has been used in a incorrect way. 

    If the product is swallowed or has gone onto your skin we recommened washing urgently. 

    Keep out of reach of children. 

    Do not apply in direct sunlight

    please read dilution ratio's on the product description section.